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Meet David

For over two decades, acclaimed designer and florist David Mitchell has been the creative force behind hundreds of outstanding events and art installations. His vision constantly evolves and surprises, exceeding the expectations of a wide range of clients. His primary goal with each project is to create an environment that inspires joy, refection, spiritual enrichment and an authentic appreciation of the beauty of humanity and the Earth. A true Renaissance man, he draws his ideas from music, poetry, art, theatre, philosophy, theology and any cultural ideology that can help further a visual celebration. Every event presents an opportunity  to connect with people, to understand them, and to create an atmosphere that reflects their uniqueness. “The most rewarding part of my job is not creating beautiful things, it is the opportunity I have on a daily basis to meet so many people and to take part in the celebration of their fantastic milestones and achievements. I have a great job!”

Our Team

David Mitchell Events employs a diverse, ultra-talented group of individuals who produce, together, phenomenally cohesive event installations. We have been together, many of us, for a long time. It is this kind of history that allows for the easy going, productive energy that puts clients at ease.